FMEA – Vorteile und zusätzliche Aspekte von Agile

Ich habe gerade auf LinkedIn eine Präsentation geteilt ( und ein paar Aspekte ergänzt, die ich hier gern als Blog veröffentlichen möchte:

Very good overview of FMEA!

I want to add/underline some points.

  • ?Improves team- and company wide communication, including customer and suppliers.
  • ?Ensures common understanding of functions, requirements, specifications, input, outcome (wanted and unwanted), borders and limits of the system, technical solutions, processes, changes under focus.

I miss the handling and use of characteristics (Special, Critical)- contact me if you have questions about.
And the automotive industry should be aware of changes came with new handbook AIAG/VDA 2019.

Finally, success and acceptance of FMEA depends on the way how the people are lead and motivated and how the company can take most advantage of the process and every single outcome.

Agile thinking implements flexibility and adjustability. This is also an important aspect of FMEA implementation.
Think about the process, the used software and how you can take best profits from.
Agile principles give orientation in how to interact in the team and how to handle VUCA also in FMEA.
And more…

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